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এরশাদ আলমগীর এর ছবি
লিখেছেন এরশাদ আলমগীর (তারিখ: বুধ, ৩১/১০/২০০৭ - ৮:০২অপরাহ্ন)

One delightful dream frequents his sleeping hours at recent times. Just as, the legend goes that, an apparition of an unrequited suitor haunts, in most cases though the warmth of such an avidly awaited approval seldom smiles upon the down-and-outs, so the stealthy dream constantly eats away at his borderline poise at the back of his subconsciously restive eyes though for all the different reasons. The other night he tried a new method to rid himself of the apparently sumptuous but cringe making visions of nostalgia. He decided not to sleep at all. But having had the glaring knowledge floa...