How to write Bangla in Sachalayatan?

এস এম মাহবুব মুর্শেদ এর ছবি
লিখেছেন এস এম মাহবুব মুর্শেদ (তারিখ: বুধ, ২৭/০৬/২০০৭ - ২:২৩অপরাহ্ন)

You can use install Avro to write Bangla in Sachalayatan. However, it is also possible to write Bangla anywhere in Sachalayatan without installing any software in your computer. Just go to any text field of Sachalayatan any follow the instructions below.

  • To write in English press Ctl + Alt + E or press Esc.
  • To write Bangla in Unijoy keyboard, press Ctl + Alt + U.
  • To write Bangla in Bijoy, press Ctl + Alt + B
  • To write in Bangla in Somewherein Phonetic, press Ctl+ Alt + P.

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