An appeal to you

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An appeal to you


A noble lady named Valerie A. Taylor came to war-torn Bangladesh in 1972 voluntarily in her youth to provide physiotherapy to the wounded-disabled freedom fighters. Then she never went back loving this land and its people.

In 1979 she started a small humanitarian organization “The C.R.P (Center for rehabilitation of paralyzed) in an abandon warehouse of a hospital.

For this organization Valerie went door to door, knocked generous people and donor organizations home and abroad. That journey was hard, painful and disgraceful. Bearing pain, insult, frustration for years, Valerie built her organization little by little - the only shelter and hope of paralyzed in Bangladesh.

Lots of people got treatment in the C.R.P. Immobilized young, little girl on her fathers back, the only earner of the family....... after treatment mother came back to her child ,a lover to his beloved, a boy back to the play ground. This way C.R.P is not only Valerie’s belongs to an organization of the people of whole country.

We observed with great anxiety that the advancement of C.R.P is hastened by some people .They joined ingenuous Valerie’s C.R.P in the name of serving the humanity .But now occupying the board of trusty they are hindering Valerie to run the organization.

They are giving jobs to there own people in big posts and for these highly paying jobs the organization is financially loosing. They have decided to prohibit Valerie from monitoring the accounts and also disabled her power. To accomplish this huge expanse they are charging heaps from the patients and for this reason a huge number of poor patients are being deprived from the free treatment.

( SO, BE UNITED হাসি

In this situation, we think that a great conspiracy is going on to destroy Valerie and our organization C.R.P and this humanitarian organization is becoming a weapon of money making for some opportunist people.

To save Valerie and our C.R.P the youth of Bangladesh has started a campaign.

We are expecting your participation in this campaign. We hope that the lady who sacrificed 36 years of her life for us, you will spend only 36 minutes for her.

We humbly request you to do the following things:

1. ( )sign the link to draw attention of Chief Advisor of the Caretaker Government.

2. Express your worries and concern about all the injustice against Valerie to the top two (2) donors of the C.R.P by fax, e-mail, and phone. The addresses are given below:

Gillian Phillips, FCRP Administrator,
Tel. no. 0118 940 1294

Germany :
Elke Sandmann,Präsidentin,Freundeskreis des CRP, Bangladesch
Tel: 089/6709060
3. Send your own petition to the Hon. Chief Advisor of the Caretaker Government. His contact details as below:
PABX : 9136900-19,
FAX : 880-2-8113244 (Principal Secy) 8111015 (Secy) 8113243 (Press Secy) 8111490 (APS I) 9123616 (DG I)
9129810 (Abashan) 9133722 (Political Secy) 9111312(Director (Admin))

4. Send your own petition to the NGO Affairs Bureau. The contact details as below:

NGO Affairs Bureau
Prime Minister's Office
Matshaya Bhaban(9th Floor)
13, Shahid Captain Mansur Ali Sarani,
Ramana, Dhaka-1000.
Telephone: 9562743-5 PABX
Fax: 9562844

5. Send this e-mail to all your known networks to get more support for us.

To know more about this matter you can read the report of “weekly 2000” published from Bangladesh.
The link is (

To be updated, please join our e-mail group. the details as below:

group name: saveCRPcampaign Group
home page:
Group email:

If you get any enquiries or advice you can an e-mail us to the following e-mail address given below. We would know about your contribution if you keep a CC of all your communications in this e-mail :

Thank you very much.

To save a glorious organization of Bangladesh and to ensure free treatment of poor people we will remember your support and contribution with full gratitude.

Thankfully yours..............

(Save the C.R.P campaign)

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